It’s official!! I’m now in the German Archive for Women Composers! Thanks to these hard working people, many great composers, musicians, and conductors, past and present, are getting seen and heard in a field that is changing slowly, especially for composers and conductors, in which we are still most often mentioned with our title preceded by our gender!! My first Norsk scores into the archive are the two versions of „DJ Dog Demockracy“ for marimba trio with drums and bass, recorded and commissioned by the multi-stylistic Mika Stoltzman, available soon, and marimba solo or duo with drums, commissioned by the young lion, Ayami Okamura and Daniel DiSimone, premiered on their Japan tour. The large score in the middle is the percussion concerto, „ZALAN-ZALAN“ commissioned and premiered by Shanghai Symphony virtuoso, and all around great guy, Weichen Lin with the wonderful Taipei Youth Symphony coordinated by Louise Chang and supported by the Taipei Philharmonic Foundation, and conducted by the really fun Boston Symphony Orchestra Asst. Conductor, YuAn Chang. Some commissions are joint with my husband Gernot Blume, like“ZALAN-ZALAN“ with a co-composed final movement. The archive said they would make an exception for Gernot!! : ) Thank you Norsk Musikforlag for all the beautiful scores!!